Our services

Production of drinking and mineral water

which, in addition to fee-based production, has marketed its products under the Gahar brand and is expanding its share of the drinking water market.

Production of polymer packaging materials such as preforms and cap

Using the most advanced devices and machines with a cap production line (3 NETSTAL machines with a capacity of 37,000 caps per hour), a preform production line (5 NETSTAL machines with a capacity of 23,000 preforms per hour) with the highest possible quality plastic injection process. and provides it to the artisans.

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of molds for plastic parts

Mold making unit of Lorestan Gahar Food Industry Company, specialized in designing, manufacturing and repairing all kinds of molds for plastic parts, by using the most modern machines and design software, helps your ideas and business plans to Make it a reality as best as possible. The main specialty of this unit is the manufacture and repair of all kinds of inflatable, pet and injection molds.

With the completion of the design process in the R&D unit, the manufacturing process continues in the molding unit. In the design and construction process, the R&D and molding units hold several meetings to achieve the best results and exchange opinions and technical review of the project. Usually, these meetings are accompanied by a technical review of the product blueprint, manufacturing process, materials, and required equipment. In general, the work process in the molding unit is as follows:

Receiving the design from the R&D unit – Technical review of the design – Obtaining the mold manufacturing approval – Checking and preparing the required materials and equipment – Mold manufacturing